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June 17, 2011


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My favorite thing to send via snail mail is thank you notes, probably because I am constantly sending them for everything, Christmas, birthdays, and engagement and bridal shower gifts. Most people don't send thank you notes anymore, so I think my friends and family really appreciated receiving them.

My fiance and I just started working on our invitations and I decided I really wanted to get a calligraphy stamp so I couldn't be more excited about this give away!! These are absolutely beautiful!

I love to send thank you notes. So few people send them anymore and I think it's nice to let people know how much you appreciate them. I know I always love to receive thank you notes!

These are so neat! Would love to win them!

Coupons from my favorite stores and notes from my friends that live in different parts of the country. A written note is so much more personal and special.

I love to send my family cards or just quick notes on a whim. We are spread all over the country and it reminds them I am thinking about them and so much more touching than an email (who doesn't love opening their mailboxes and seeing a crisp hand written envelope).

Surprise "just wanted to say hello," mail is my favorite to send :)

I LOVE postcards! A couple of friends and I have a deal that we must send postcards to one another when we travel. They totally decorate my fridge!

Letters & cards from my grandma. She lives across the country from me, doesn't use e-mail or have Facebook. So, besides the phone, snail mail is how we keep in touch. She doesn't know it but I actually save her letters & cards and reread them a lot.

I just love to send out notes to say "i am thinking about you!" love the calligraphy!

LOVE the custom stamp! I love receiving all cards, notes, presents in the mail - I get excited every time. My fiance says I'm like a little kid :) so I like to send surprise packages to my two nephews because I know they get excited too!

I love to receive letters in the mail from old friends from high school that have since moved away. Their messages are so much more personal coming from a hand written letter versus a quick email that they send out.

I love to send my grandmother-in-law handwritten letters. She has email now but I haven't made the switch. The letters are so much more personal and I know she enjos taking them to show family.

I love getting letters from my husband!!! He's in Afghanistan and Internet connection/time to get online is not the easiest to come by. A handwritten letter, just about his workday, makes me so happy-- I read and reread each letter dozens and dozens of times!!

I love sending out a simple hello. I've also sent a card with just a happy face drawn inside, just to let the person know that i am thinking of them.
I try to say all my thank you's by mail. I'm sending a thank you b/c someone took the time to do something that I appreciated. I should do the same and take the time to say thank you.

These stamps are simply wonderful, what a great give away! whoever receives them is a lucky note-writer!

Hand-written letters from my best friend from childhood :)

I love getting anything other than junk mail. Letters and packages, ESPECIALLY when they're wrapped prettily, absolutely make me swoon!

I Love getting cards in the mail! My husband, our 2 boys, and my birthdays are all within 2 months of eachother. Within those 2 months we're always finding cards from friends and family! The boys love getting ANYTHING in the mail with their name on it =)

I own one of Michele's address stamps already, and just want to say how much I LOVE it! It really dresses up my correspondence and makes me happy every time I use it! Good luck- whoever wins will be lucky!

I love to send notes with photos of friends randomly, so it doubles the happy surprise of a just-because note with a just-because photo too!

My favorite is the "just thinking of you" card. I love browsing card shops and stands (farmers market!) and it's nice to share impulse-buy joy with others.


I love to receive anything handwritten in the mail. I would love to win these!

I love receiving birthday cards in snail mail. It's always a nice surprise!

I love to send birthday cards in the mail. It's so much more personal than just wishing someone happy birthday on their Facebook wall!

I love receiving cards from friends and family. BUT, more than anything, I'm really excited to send out thank you notes for all of the wedding presents we've received! Would love to start off our new adventure in a pretty way!

I love to send CDs of either my favorite music of the moment or songs that make me think of my friends. Not quite as old school as sending a mix tape, but it's a lot more special than sending an MP3 via email.

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