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June 10, 2011


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My favorite FAVORITE dessert is Carrot Cake. I like to believe I'm eating something remotely healthy, but clearly I'm just in it for the cream cheese frosting.

I would LOVE to win this yummy prize - I'm hosting my best friend (since the 7th grade)'s wedding shower this summer! My FAVORITE dessert is strawberry shortcake - something refreshing, sweet, and delicious after a hot summer day! You can't beat it!

I love making lemon bars: tangy, sweet, and easy to portion out for potlucks!

My favorite deserts always have two ingredients: chocolate and peanut butter. My Nana made the best homemade chocolate cake with peanut butter icing. Whenever I eat a treat with those perfectly matched sweets, I always think of her and the love that she put into everything that she made.

Oh my goodness, those sweets look amazing! My favorite dessert lately is also bite-sized -- I am obsessed with mochi ice cream. Little portable ice cream bites in exotic flavors like green tea and mango. Perfect for summer!

My favorite treat is coconut cupcakes it is the perfect combination of sweetness from the fresh coconut. My love of coconut goes back to my childhood, my birthday is in April so my Dad would bake me a coconut easter bunny shaped cake every year!

My favorite dessert is anything that has coconut in it. My future husband and I will seriously get into a full on brawl for the last coconut cupcake. (We have had to have bets and games to be able to eat the last one!) I will admit neiman marcus chocolate chip cookies are up on the list too. If I (which he would never want to do!) need to go shopping and mention that you get a chocolate chip cookie if you go. He always takes one for the team.

I love rice krispy treats with chocolate on top!

Amazing! My Maid of Honor is throwing me a British Style tea party that my fiance is doing the food for. These would be perfect!!!

I am doing this again because it doesn't look like my first comment got posted. If it did here it is again. There are too many desserts for me to list as my favorite. My future husband and I got crazy for anything with coconut. yum! We have had bets, card games, etc. just to see who gets that last coconut cupcake or coconut whatever. I/We also love Neiman Marcus Chocolate Chip cookies. That is how I can get him to go shopping. Plus the fact that my aunts and my moms best friends always point out the fact that my late mother loved dessert and we always got to eat dessert! If we were at a restaurant we never left without eating dessert no matter how much you ate. (That probably won't be the case with our future children!) My current moto is that life is short eat dessert first!!!!

So pretty!

Peach cobbler. Yum.

I love chocolate. No, I need chocolate. I think my favorite dessert would be 7 layer bars. They have chocolate but also some coconut, graham crackers and nuts. Wish I had one right now!

These are adorable. Strawberry Rhubarb pie is my absolute favorite dessert! Sweet and tangy all in one!

One can never go wrong with a classic petit four. I always love those, however, one of my favorite desserts is key lime pie. It's tartness and the graham cracker crust are always a great mix between sweet and savory!

These look so amazine and tasty, love the attention to detail.

Chocolate peanut butter sqaures with homemade peanutbutter fudge happen to be my favorite. My great-aunt, before she passed, made them on special holiday occasions. She would slice them and keep them in a tin in the icebox. She always had to check on me in the middle of the nice, as I would sneak out and help myself while everyone slept.

My favorite dessert has got to be a brownie sundae... but not just any brownie sundae, I am talking a warm fudgy gooey brownie (this perfect brownie could NEVER be confused with cake), REAL hot fudge (the thick stuff that sticks in your teeth), and ice cold french vanilla ice cream... I mean, if I'm gonna blow my diet, I might as well go all out!!!

My most favorite dessert is anything that has chocolate in it. My husband and I will seriously keep eating for the last chocolate cupcake. I am already feeling hungry thinking of that. Awesome post.

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