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June 24, 2011


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Love that show! I'd definitely bring my maid of honor. She's my best friend, and like the girls in Mama Mia!, she'd fly to Greece if that's what it took to be there for me for my wedding.

I would give the tickets to my parents for their 37th Wedding Anniversary. We love your store!

I would invite my sister! She is 10 years older than me and growing up she used to play ABBA throughout the house. Being the typical younger sister, anything my older sister thought was cool - I thought was cool too.

To this day ABBA is still one of our favorites. We have been dying to see Mamma Mia! as well. I owe it to her for introducing me to ABBA and I think going to the musical together would be a fun treat / celebration of our sisterhood!

I am a triplet, and would bring my 2 sisters - even if i had to buy a ticket for one of them! We have such a close bond, and can relate to Mamma Mia and the close relationship Sohpie has with her mom! We are 22 and about to grow in different directions, so it would be awesome to have this experience together.

I'd take my future husband. We both having been working like crazy. It would be a fun night out. He has been running a basketball camp with over a hundred kids and I have been working as a nanny for a 3 year old and an 8 month old.

I would bring my mom. We've hit a couple rough patches within the past year and this would be a perfect opportunity to rekindle the relationship because I do miss our close bond we had and she is one of my best friends if she really knew it. Seeing this movie was one of our best days!

I would take my best friend from law school, who is soon to be my sister-in-law! Her infectious love of all things ABBA was why I knew I needed to introduce her to my brother--who despises ABBA. Their love/hate relationship with ABBA fuels their relationship and I can't wait to dance to it at their wedding! She'd love a break from all of the wedding planning-induced stress, and we could both use a girls night!!!

I'd take my new husband! He love seeing shows and we haven't made it out to Wolf Trap yet since moving to Arlington.

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