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July 01, 2011


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Love these! My friend just gave me note cards, and at the bottom had them printed with "love, the future Mrs. Miller" (My soon to be married name!) I thought it was so clever.

I would love to see a greeting card with some of my favorite romantic movie quotes. The combination with Fig 2's beautiful designs would be perfect!

I would love to see greeting cards with quotes from my romantic movies! The combination with Fig 2's beautiful cards would be perfect!

I love the bright and cheery colors! I wish someone would make MadLibs cards with different themes (wedding, thank you, birthday, etc.) where you could fill in sweet, humorous and fitting words that personalize your message.

I just want to say that Claudia is such a fabulous designer! I love her work and have been lucky enough to collaborate with her on a few designs. Her wonderfully fun + happy personality shines through in every piece she creates! As far as what I'd want to see on a greeting card... More fun phrases such as Claudia's "You are seriously so awesome" card. Love!

I need those red and white stripe cards to go with my winter wedding scheme!!! They look like candy cards. My favorite greeting card that I get is from my realator. It is always a Happy New Years card and says may you have a prosperous New Year and she always puts a scratch off lottery ticket in the card. How fun!!!!!!! The fourth time is the charm:)

The best greeting card I ever got was one that I got for someone else! My brother has a yellow labrador retriever that my entire family is in love with. For Father's Day, I found a card with a 'dad' yellow lab and a puppy yellow lab reading the newspaper together. My family loves reading the newspaper on Sundays together so it was the perfect card!

I got a card a few months ago, with no signature or return address, with a picture of a hamster in a wheel. It said, "After your surgery, 4 out of 5 doctors recommend rest and relaxation." Inside, "But that 5th guy's a hamster, so you don't want to listen to him anyway." I had not had surgery. We eventually pinned it to my future sister-in-law, but it was QUITE the mystery for a while.

I am a great lover of stationary. The best thing I've ever seen on a card, was the day my wedding invites came. Seeing our names next to each other made it all a little more real!

I'm a big fan of notecards, and am always looking for new fun ones to send. The best cards I've received lately are the ones from my 3 year old nephew. He paints them and puts handprints on them -- there's always a follow up photo of him at work (which creates quite a mess!).

Oh my goodness, these cards are ADORABLE!! The neon is just so sweet. The best greeting cards I have received are the "just because" ones; ones that people have sent me as a surprise, just to say hi. I always think it's so thoughtful to take an extra minute to write a letter every once in a while instead of shooting off an email. Pretty stationery helps, too :)

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