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July 07, 2011


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Well, besides my wedding band, I'm excited to wear my earrings! I haven't found them yet but I've been looking at vintage styles earrings for weeks now - so excited!

I'm excited to see the cuff links that my fiancee picks out for me for our big day!

I am excited to wear two things.... One, my gold Jimmy Choo shoes:) Two, my earrings that were designed especially for me by a special friend of the family.

yes, please! these belts are gorgeous

Love these belts! they would be perfect for my bridesmaids.. Pink dresses and green sashes!

I am most excited about my wedding band because that will mean I am married to the most amazing man ever! I would be so incredibly THRILLED to win a belt from LuxeLucy. I love their belts and was actually going to get the Rose belt for my wedding.

I'm having a headband made by an artist in Chicago. It matches my dress perfectly. Can't wait!!

I can't wait to wear my great-grandmother's vintage brooch on my bouquet. It's 60 years old and has been passed down in the family :)

I can't wait to wear my statement necklace on my wedding day. Its gold and big and fabulous!

I'm actually excited to wear my veil. I was an anti-veil bride, said it was never for me and I would never wear one. Then, I was standing there in my amazing Amsale gown, and a veil was placed on my head and my dad teared up. Then I wasn't anti-veil anymore.

I would love one of these belts (especially with the dress I'm hoping to get at your sample sale on Thursday)!! I'm actually excited to wear my great grandmother's earring and necklace set, which I've loved ever since I was a little girl and I've always planned to wear for my wedding.

I think I'm most excited about my shoes right now! I haven't settled on jewelry at this point, but I can't wait to start looking. :)

I just got engaged, but I think I'm most excited to wear a veil. When else in your life do you get to wear one? It's the ultimate accessory. These belts are TO DIE FOR!!!

I am actually looking for a bridal belt to wear on my wedding day! These by LuxeLucy seem lovely. Once I find one, I think that will definitely be the accessory I am most looking forward to wearing, since it's so prominent!

hard question! I have to agree that it's probably the veil that I'm most excited about....the one time I'll get to wear one! (I love these belts though!)

I'm just so excited to wear my dress! I haven't even picked out my accessories yet!!


It's extremely important to me to wear a piece of my mom's jewelry. She died when I was 17 years old & she was an antique jewelry dealer, so something of hers - not sure exactly what just yet - seems the best way to remember her on my wedding day.

I LOVE LuxeLucy's belts!

I think I most excited to wear a pair of pearl earings that I got as a gift from my aunt and uncle years ago. They are still simple and stunning.

For me it would have to be my shoes- im going to wear a blue shoe as my something blue and I love the way it pops from my dress! I searched long and hard for them because i wanted to be comfy, fashionable and taller =)
I finally found a pair from nina shoes and was completely smitten!

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