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July 29, 2011


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reese's pb cup!

Drunken Ginger or the smart blonde sound divine!

My future father in-law recently reintroduced me to whoopie pies again and I am thrilled they are making a comeback. By far the easiest decision of my life my flavor choice would be peanut butter and chocolate!

Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream is my Fave so of course I would pick the Ulta Mint!!! Yum!!!!!!!

Cinnamon Toast.....

dark dark chocolate. the best!

The Java Jolt looks amazing. Although I think some sort of red velvet cake with chocolate filling might be the dream flavor!


I can't get the dreamy thought of a Cinnamon Toast whoopie pie out of my head, but I think a Strawberry Shortcake whoopie would be really refreshing for the summer time!

I am from Maine, home of the whoopie pie. My "dream" flavor is the standard chocolate and creme from when I was a kid! YUM, brings me right back to summers on the porch.

Oh, goodness, it's so close between the Drunken Ginger and the 'Rita...maybe I should sample them and then get back to you...

My dream flavor would be gingersnap cookies with cinnamin ice cream!

OMG they look so good! I definitely thought about these for my wedding!

They all look sooo good - but I think I'd go with the Pumpkin Patch or Cinnamon Toast - YUM!

ginger carrot cake. or sea salt and caramel.

green tea (outside) and vanilla (inside)!
imnotarunner at gmail dot com

Am I too late? Mexican chocolate and cinnamon cream for this Baltimore bride!

Red velvet and cream cheese!

Mint chocolate chip!

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