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July 09, 2013


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The sweetest thing that has happened to me in the last week was getting married! My husband and I were married in Madison, WI on Friday, July 5th in perfect 80 degree weather with no humidity =)

After being completely stressed with wedding invitations and planning, I really needed a pick-me-up. I was feeling so overwhelmed! Just as I thought I was going to lose it, I got a call from my fiance's adorable 6 year old cousin, Junior. He told me that he wanted me to know that everytime he goes to the mall with his mom he remembers he has to get fitted for his tux for the wedding and he's excited. Just thinking about having him and all of our family together on this one day, really made me smile and reminded me of why all this is totally worth it. He is such a cutie and it was totally sweet of how he is thinking of our big day!

After a busy week of studying for the bar and helping to plan bachelorette parties, showers and weddings for all my many friends getting married; the sweetest thing that happened to me was when my boyfriend sat next to me on the couch and held my hand in my one moment of down time. Our puppy, Bernie is very jealous when anyone is getting attention other than him. It's usually very annoying, but this time he crawled inbetween us on the couch and laid his little paws on top of our conjoined hands. It was the sweetest.

My 2 year old nephew giving my fiance a new nickname "Uncle Davey." They have a special relationship that sometimes makes my brother (my nephew's father) a little jealous. It's precious and makes my heart melt. Especially when my fiance, Dave, says that he'd rather have my nephew have a meltdown in the middle of our wedding than not have him there at all. :)

One month away from being married and I just found out that my father does not plan on helping pay for the wedding at all. After a small pity party I threw myself, the realization came that there are many other people around that have been blessing us and releaving us of some financial burdens. My boss without knowing my money worrys gave the opportunity to pick up some extra hours. My fiance's grandparents blessed us with plan tickets to our cruise. And my fiance, the nice and considerate man he is bought me some extra groceries for my house guests this week. Feeling blessed even in difficult times.

Getting to talk to my niece and nephew on the phone even though they're all the way down in Australia...perfect pick-me-up after a long day at work! PS. Itty Bitty Cake Company is the best...love them.

This past April, I had the honor and distinct pleasure to participate on a panel entitled " How to Succeed as a Summer Associate at Georgetown University Law Center for 2L law students. It was a wonderful experience and I enjoyed interacting with my fellow panelist and the students who were so engaging. I agreed to participate on this panel, to provide the students with helpful tips and ease their anxiety, but also because I enjoy working with the staff at GULC.

A few days after the presentation, I received a an itsy bitsy package accompanied by a note from Emmy and I was amazed to find an assortment of the tiniest cupcakes! I most admit that I am not a fan a sweets, chocolate, etc. But, these itsy bitsy cupcakes won me over. The itsy bitsy cupcakes were just the right size and taste for those of us who don't want to be over powered by sugar. Thank you for making a dessert for those of us not looking to fall into a diabetic coma!

The sweetest thing that's happened to me this week was getting a chance to sit down with my husband and plan out our vacation time for the year (including attending a great friend's wedding this September, and celebrating our own anniversary later that month!).

Itty Bitty Cakes are delicious! I recommend them as a perfect bite-sized treat. They would be great as favors for a wedding or baby shower, too!

My husband made me a nice dinner after a long day at work.

Itty Bitty Cake Company is the best!!

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